Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First House

These are pictures of the first house I ever built here in Kingston. I call it a hybrid Timber Frame. The owner did not want to pay for a true wooden pegged style so I hid custom made steel brackets and all-thread connections.

The foundation and lower daylight basment had already been built by another. My job was to do the rest and figure out how to correct all the mistakes. I like to say I master minded the construction. There were never any professional plans drawn up other than my own and the owner's sketches.

First "Bent" in place on the North side

Setting up to draw knife (peel) the middle bent

Bracing in place

Setting up to lift the interior middle bent with a back hoe

On to the third bent

Trusses in place

Another roof in Kingston going up

Start of the lookouts

This is a mylar reflective sheet membrane added between the purlins.

U panel metal installed. Always a big step in any building.

Having fun with three gable end braces from local Juniper
These next pictures show how I cut up and curved a  2 - 1/4" thick straw panel called Stawmit. 160 pounds for a 8 foot sheet.

V groove to remove material cut with a circular saw

Pre curving with rope

View from inside the bedroon closet

View in the living room after a cement stucco coating and clay paint

There are few finished pictures on our web site:

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