Sunday, January 15, 2012


Oh boy! bloggin' again.

Needed a strong outdoor Raccoon proof bulk cat food container. Our friend Dan gave us the already cut drum, perferct size at two thirds of a barrel. Around his property I also found an old rusted lid. The hinge and latch were from my stash.

Final Assembly
Hinge and spacer blocks

Latch Assembly

Friday, January 13, 2012


We have decided to move from 123 Kingston Main St to 62 Kingston Main St

Our new address is:

62 Kingston Main St
Hillsboro, NM 88042

Now, this is a big move for us and a decision we did not take lightly.

Just kidding, sort off. Time to sign on with Sierra County and the Enhanced 911 program (E911). I believe this "new" numbering system went into effect back in 2000.

We owned the property but were not living here and never received the "letter".

We will miss our old number