Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More More Otis

Finished my Otis Golf Cart tail gate today. Well almost. Just need some better "S" hooks and chain stays for the latches. As usual I was scavenging for parts and found this cool woven wire mesh.

I think the cargo box turned out pretty good, in fact, better than I expected.

Aluminum capture plates so the screen's are removable.

Yes it actually opens.
Next will be the front cargo boxes and drink holders. Some mud flaps would be nice and maybe a bumper. How about a trailer?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Otis

My other hobby has been neglected until now. Finally I'm back on it and this session I have been fabricating the rear cargo box and tail gate. Long over due. Notice the new side mirrors. Boy these help.

This is the basic steel welded frame with a coat of primer.

Side view. I decided not to extend this box to far, sort of a stub box.

Lined with old sheets of Stainless Steel.

Side view

Start of the tail gate


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Steam Engine

19 years ago when I first came to Kingston was the last time I had been up to the Steam Engine so on this nice cool fall day Satomi and I decided it was time. First we went West of the mine site high on the ridges so we could look back East towards Kingston and to get our bearing.

The mine site is left of the Fall Color  in the middle

A little closer zoom 

There is wild life in these hills, Elk

View of the Engine as we climbed down from the trail

Too bad the stack is down

4 door fire box

Tubes still in place

Purpose of the engine was to run this 
This would be fun to haul home

View looking back East at Star Peak

Ohio, where the foundry's were back then

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Muddy Shed

Too much fun!

Adding the second coat.

A 1/2" chopped straw coat over the first full length straw base coat

The color will change after it dries. 
Stay tuned as this building contiunues.....

Patio guest

This little guy came to visit.

Pine Trees

Today while on our hike up Ladrone Gulch here in Kingston the Pine trees kept popping up. My interest was having photo's to assist me in making scale model trees for my train layout. What else.....

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Twisted Curve

Referred to in the model train world as a Helix. In my spare time or lets say my hobby time I have been fabricating a helix for my HO train layout. My Helix will only rise 405 degrees. One and one quarter loop.

The base to my Helix was constructed out of scraps of 9 ply 12 mm plywood glued and biscuit jointed.
Yes, that's 16 clamps for glueing the risers and road bed.
This was todays progress. 180 degrees to go for a total rise of 5.350 inches. In scale terms that will be just over 38 feet.

West Side

Hard to believe that after all these years we are down to the last wall to plaster on our Timber Frame, Straw Bale Cabin.

After a couple days of filling some voids, today we stuccoed the West Side with a Brown Coat. Now we need to decide on a color.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Glad no neighbor called 911 from all the smoke we were generating today. Quite an interesting smoke it was. The smoke would pour out the door, flow under the roof, collect then sort of puff out and up.

Horno's do smoke, the price we have to pay to eat pizza.

The aftermath!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Lime Plaster

A week of lime plastering on our cabin. Time to get it done......

I suppose the hardest part was setting up the scaffolding on this big North face. The legs needed to go on the steps and in the garden then secured with clamps and boards. Satomi is not a big fan of being up high on scaffolding but she did good.

Here Satomi is finishing up a window above the front door

The look after applying. 

The next day after drying. Notice the color change once the moisture is out. Before taking down the scaffolding we had to go around all the edges and clean.

So there you have it, no more scaffolding,  ever?

This south side we did first. Someday we will remove the lower splash protection panels.

Now with the windows clean.

Next week the plan is to finish up the East and West walls.