Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shed Mud Wall

Ever since I hauled home this metal storage shed from the other side of town I never liked the look. What I do like is the storage capacity and now I really like the new coat of mud.

Today Satomi and I spent the morning covering the chain link fence netting with mud. The netting had been hanging there for years.

Completed base coat of clay and straw on the West side.

North end and West side.

 Corner detail

Two styles, one is Satomi's and one is mine.

Lots of good grip here.

After this base coat dries we will add a final finish. I like the fact that we finally at least have mud on the walls. A whole new look.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

What's up!

Been a while since I have added to my blog.  No excuses. Sure I'm busy, too many things to do with my life here in the mountains.

Did I mention Satomi and I completed our Straw Bale Timber Frame Cottage Cabin.  Call it what you want.  That was a month ago.  I have already forgotten it took ten years and have now moved on a new model train hobby.

Unless you want to run your train on a floor, every layout needs a base. Mine was designed to fit a certain space and to use up salvaged hollow core doors.  After that it cost me money.  Steel angle and strapping, bolts, washers, wire rope, pulleys, an electric winch and a battery.

Why all that you ask.  Again back to limited space.  My base now lives hoisted up below my shop garage door.  A series of pulleys and cabling raises and lowers the base and a set of articulating arms guide and support. When its time to play I roll out my Otis golf cart and Harley and hit the down switch.

Last week my attempt at hoisting failed and had to run into town for more pulleys and parts. Today I was successful and so I begin to lay track.

Base hanging in air

Beginning HO track

If  you look close you can see two cables (wire rope) and the two articulating arms. Pulleys are above the garage door.

Wire rope and arms on the south side

This is a plywood guide for Fles Track with a 22 inch radius curve

My first rail joint and straight sectino of track

This is a bad picture of my 8 car  HO Great Northern given to me by my brother in law.  I promised that if he gave me his train I would get it running.  If all goes well, tomorrow will be the day.