Saturday, September 24, 2011


No more bear sighting only the scat all around town. Dogs do bark at odd times during the night so we know she is rooming. A she because one of the neighbors saw a 100 pound cub.

This is a workshop weekend for us. The last of our regular scheduled workshops here at LanderLand. 4 participants will be here any time now. Trying to gulp down a big cup of coffee.

Hot tub is working great and I even went for a short soak this morning. Our fall weather is just so nice. 58 in the mornings, bright sunny days. My only complaint is by 7:00 the sun is down and time to come in. There is still so much to be done. Not just for us but for others too.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was spent working on Debra Brant's small Straw Bale. Thursday and Friday was honey do projects, even washed the windows. For the first time in months my shop is clean and organized.

Yesterday we emailed our supplier placing what we are calling our fall trowel order. We also applied for a Capital One credit card. This new card will be here in 7 days. Why another card, no 3% foreign transaction fee.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


BB as in Black Bear. I don't know who was startled more the bear or me. We both sort of jumped back at the same time. I had walked up our wooden ramp to check on the Hot Tub. Pretty much pre occupied in thought and looking down as I walked, the next thing I remember is jumping back, just like the bear, he was right there but fortunately behind our fence. 

In all my years of being in the wilderness I have run into 4 bears and they all have fled, this guy just backed up a bit and stayed still. I backed down the ramp and called to Satomi to hurry up and grab the camera. This is the only photo worth showing. Before I could get closer he finally moved on.

I was thinking he must have smelled a bath.

A few years ago a cinnamon colored bear was hanging around town and someone called Fish and Game. They came into town, set a trap, caught it and relocated to somewhere else. We will not be making that phone call.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shower Floor

Todays task at LanderLand was to add a Topping coat to the shower floor. Like the dark contrasting color. Once this cures the tile floor can be set and no more tiling in our Timber Frame Cottage

Left Overs

Had some left over 6 x 6 tile. Perfect for under the sink. Too nice to have cabinet doors?

Just need doors and drawers
 Our shower is so close to being complete. Finished the ceiling and nicho's yesterday. All that is left is to tile the floor and then grouting. Tomorrow we drive up to Albuquerque and pick up Mapei Epoxy Grout and lumber for our interior stairs. 
Nice and Bright

Satomi being clever, a way to keep us from walking through the screen

What is it

Saw this glob on our property yesterday morning.

So what is this?
 Red and blue are the only two I care about. Red is the PH of the Hot tub water, somewhere between 7.8 and 8.4. The blue represents 240 ppm total Alkalinity.
Hot Tub Test Strip
 How many years have I wanted my own Hot Tub? Can't wait to see the electric bill. Everyone I talk with says oh don't worry it only costs a few dollars a month.

Curious kitty

You guessed it, Fungi

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Boo Boo

We have done it again and made another mistake. We call this one Boo Boo.

Isn't he cute. Still to young too get fixed.

Tub in place but working on a leak

Start of our earthen floors

Completed Vertical band 

Friday, September 9, 2011


So you have your choice, a shower or a tub.

 I'm working on both. The last wall of our shower is taking shape. Satomi designed the vertical stripe. We had to order a full box of 2 x 2 tile for the floor so we came up with a use for the rest. The recent trend in showers is to add a horizontal accent band so we had to be different. We both like the modern look.
Vertical Stripe

Soap dish change order
 Besides our shower the Hot Tub is also moving along. In this case moving up to it's pad.
Borrowed a neighbors electric winch and then did a series of ropes, chain and pulley to hoist and slide the tub up the hill and into place.

Sorry for the shadows

Almost there

Set up for the last rigging operation

Close up of Satomi's fun

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I have always wanted my own hot tub, the time is near. Satomi has been a trouper helping me on this landscaping project. This morning we will drive up Emory Pass and bring back load of shale for the final base.

Too nice a spot for a Hot Tub?
 Can't have a hot tub without power and water. The last Yard Hydrant on LanderLand, one of seven. Years ago when we were trenching our land for utilities we had installed conduits to this corner of our property. Thought was maybe there would be a building in this corner, I'll settle for a soak!

Power and Water


Kingston is once again in the logging business. A man, up from Hillsboro, has set up a Wood-Mizer across the street on a neighbors vacant lot.

Basically a portable band saw sawmill. He also built himself a Gin Pole. You should see his wooden boom truck!

Home made log Gin Pole with a battery powered cable winch
I contracted with the Mizer guy to plank out some 2" Juniper for windows sills for Deb's Place. Now it's my turn to start sawing wood.

2" local Juniper for Window Sills

Friday, September 2, 2011


Every year Satomi plants Kabocha pumpkins - Ka Bow Cha. So far we have 4. I wonder why she didn't plant more.

One can even eat the skin
Can you guess what these are for? Tomorrow's project, wait and see.