Saturday, September 17, 2011


BB as in Black Bear. I don't know who was startled more the bear or me. We both sort of jumped back at the same time. I had walked up our wooden ramp to check on the Hot Tub. Pretty much pre occupied in thought and looking down as I walked, the next thing I remember is jumping back, just like the bear, he was right there but fortunately behind our fence. 

In all my years of being in the wilderness I have run into 4 bears and they all have fled, this guy just backed up a bit and stayed still. I backed down the ramp and called to Satomi to hurry up and grab the camera. This is the only photo worth showing. Before I could get closer he finally moved on.

I was thinking he must have smelled a bath.

A few years ago a cinnamon colored bear was hanging around town and someone called Fish and Game. They came into town, set a trap, caught it and relocated to somewhere else. We will not be making that phone call.

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