Friday, September 9, 2011


So you have your choice, a shower or a tub.

 I'm working on both. The last wall of our shower is taking shape. Satomi designed the vertical stripe. We had to order a full box of 2 x 2 tile for the floor so we came up with a use for the rest. The recent trend in showers is to add a horizontal accent band so we had to be different. We both like the modern look.
Vertical Stripe

Soap dish change order
 Besides our shower the Hot Tub is also moving along. In this case moving up to it's pad.
Borrowed a neighbors electric winch and then did a series of ropes, chain and pulley to hoist and slide the tub up the hill and into place.

Sorry for the shadows

Almost there

Set up for the last rigging operation

Close up of Satomi's fun

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