Sunday, September 30, 2012

Plaster Practice

After spending another special week at Canelo ( being inspired we came home wanting to practice. First I had to make a few practice panels similar to what might be found in Japan where the wall surface abuts to timber posts.

I also made two small 2' x 2' panels

With these practice panesl now mounted, every other day we spend at least one session applying MUD using our various Japanese Trowels. The goal is to make a perfectly flat wall with no spilling and clean edges. We have a ways to go.

Hanging out in our Pillar Ville plaster workshop area is all about playing with clay, sand and straw. There is always extra so a good excuse to make clay straw blocks, similar to Adobe. One day when we have enough something can be mortared up like a bench.

Buckets of finely sifted clay and sand. Hard to practice thin flat walls when chunks are in the mix.

I sometimes call our workshop area Bucket Ville. When in full swing we never seem to have enought clean empty ones.

Busy busy work tables

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