Thursday, July 26, 2012

Counter Tops

I'm back in the saddle again, I think that's a line to an Aerosmith song. Meaning here is a blog post. I know it's been a while, sorry about that.

Not that I'm in a saddle, rather we purchased one of those cheep ergonomic kneeling office chairs to try to improve my posture. Satomi says it is working.

Yesterday we finished up two Earth Counter Tops for a designer house. The process took 5 days. Not that it was 5 days of work but the drying stages between processes had us going out to the job site 5 times.

Yesterday was our last visit, a 29 mile commute. We sealed the earth with Raw linseed oil, cleaned up with Bio Shield citrus thinner, met the cabinet maker, watched some other sub contractors frantically trying to wrap up their tasks and then headed back home.

The owner is arriving for a two week stay with his family so the builder/contractor was in clean up mode and trying to wrap things up. Over heard he fired the tile guy. I would be a bit upset too. The master shower was not complete along with various other tile areas nor the brick on sand patios and grand entrance.

Had I know I could have brought my tile saw.

At least we finished our commitment.

Master Bedroom Desk.

Office Desk.
The other big commitment is for us. We have now spent the last 9 nights sleeping up in our  "New" place, showering too. Love the big shower and especially the endless hot water from our Rinnai on demand water heater. Today I will finish installing the kitchen drawers and doors and continue with the process of moving in. All but the kitchen.

We had a nice 24" deep refrigerator all picked out and were going to order it up when Satomi caught wind of high altitude issues with the brand. One phone call to the Tech department confirmed their models do not work in New Mexico or Colorado. Now what are we going to do?

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