Thursday, July 26, 2012


Cabinetry and furniture, better known as work working. My latest projects almost completed. Odd that I always find myself doing multiple projects at the same time. Multi tasking? just busy.

Today I finished installing our kitchen maple drawers and sink cabinet fronts. 8 days after picking up the lumber. Unfortunately my Spar Varnish left over from our Sun Room bar counter tops was too old to use so I will have to take them off again for the finish.

Another fun project has been some small earth tables. We bought the two sets of three a couple years ago in Las Cruces at Sutherland's. Step one was to adhere 1/4" cement board over the tops. Next I milled up on the table saw edge trim out of some extra Brazilian Mahogany and then went to work basically making delicate picture frames which yesterday I glued on to the cement board. Today I finished sanded and gave the wood one coat of raw linseed oil. Now it's Satomi's turn to systematically install the earth tops.

When we bought these tables the plan was to finish and then sell. Now I want to keep them for our buildings. We can always by more.

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