Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bob's Disc Golf

One can tell, and I now I remember by this One Free Round Coupon that the year was 1979.

Disc Golf in the Northwest had a colorful history full of pioneers and legions in the sport of "Frisbee" and "Disc Golf. One of those players was Doug Newland. Being the current Regional Director of our sport, Doug had the opportunity to connect with a man I only remember as Bob, a business man, who had heard of this new found fun.

So lets just say that all the players in the region were excited and many helped to install the course with the Northwest's first concrete tee pads and baskets for that matter. Besides the baskets and signage Bob purchased a new trailer to act as the office and clubhouse, even had a candy bar vending machine inside.

Percentage wise at the time most of the "Golfers" lived up in the Seattle area. Traveling 50 minutes on the Freeway to Bob's was infrequent so there wasn't a lot of play on the course. Tournaments were the only way to attract distant players from Portland Oregon and Vancouver BC.

1979 was the year of the $50,000 Invitational Frisbee Disc Golf tournament in Huntington Beach. To receive an invite you had to place first, second or third in a regional qualifying tournament. Our's was here at Bob's Disc Golf. I think I placed Fourth. Doug qualifyed and I had to stay home.

Home then became the trailer at Bob's Disc Golf and I was the new acting Course Pro. A lonely time with no players and my friends in the California sun. It wasn't until they all returned that I learned the tournament organizers relaxed their stance and let non qualifiers compete.

Oh well, if I had gone I would not have been able to empty that vending machine.

Bob's course eventually was removed, sold to the Parks Department where the baskets sat in storage until installed at Fort Steilacoom. Now that's another story.

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