Monday, November 26, 2012

Starting Over

The long and expensive process of building my HO model train layout has begun. First I had to remove the old track and strip the base. Spent some time reworking the wench cable system to beef it up a bit. Today I ordered a swaging crimp tool and some more cable ferrules. I just am not happy with two of the smashed with a hammer connections. A failed joint would be a disaster.

So the process began with gluing down 1" rigid foam. This makes a nice sub straight. Reduces track noise and easy to add and remove for landscaping.

Todays project was this routered out pocket to mound my plywood helix structure. Boy what a mess that was. Still picking out little pieces of blue foam from my clothing, my shop and our cat.

A nice and tight flush fit.

Side view of the 405 degree helix up to the second level

The layout will have three main line exterior loops and who knows what on the interior.

Paper template of a Number 8 turnout.  Turnouts like this with remote swtiching can run close to $40 each. I need a dozen just to get started.

2 inch track spacing.

Had to adjust the track centers, somehow my original lines were only spaced 1 3/4'
So for now this is about as far as I can proceed without parts. Good progress though.

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