Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lets talk space

As in

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As in sort of a disappointing tour we went on yesterday. Just that we could not get very close due to construction clean up for the big dedication happening on Monday. Had hoped to be able to get out on the 10,000 foot runway and into the buildings.

Buildings from a far

Maintenance building and hanger in the back ground

Main entrance to the hanger building.

Hanger doors

Maintenance building again

Basically this building was constructed using a big blow up dome covered in spray foam, then rebar and concrete covered with 12" x12" porcelain floor tile. As in an experiment.

A launch pad

A landing pad
These small pads are part of Space Port America's partnership with firms wanting to use the facility to do testing.

There are a few areospace firms sort of taking over where NASA has loft off. The industry as a whole now has potential to commercialize space travel. For only $200,000 you too can fly into space. Already there are 400 people signed up. Starting next year flights begin.

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