Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not much

Isolated Thunder Storms 20% for today and tonight. We will see!

So what we have here is the continuation of Alan's Gin Pole. Looks like he added a counter balance trash can on the back.

Sierra County road work on Walnut Street. Lets just place a bunch of concrete without rebar or properly sloping apron side wings over the creek crossing and see what happens. All bets are on with the neighbors that this is a failure waiting for a big rain event next summer.  I call it the road show.  Something to watch over time.

New roof time. This is a small job I have lined up here in town.

Besides the roof the same cabin needs some foundation repair work on the garage. Have not sent this picture to the owner yet. Figure I had better finish the roof first. Then there's the plumbing......

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