Monday, October 10, 2011


How quickly one forgets. It was just a few days ago that we were without phone and internet. No matter, we had plenty to keep us busy. It seamed each day I had 5 things going on at once. Today though it all ended about 8 pm in the dark. I had run out of time but we are ready for my folks visit.

A big project was to fabricate a temporary railing and two more steps

Plumbing wise the water softener is finally functioning

Every bathroom needs a toilet. Always wanted a Kohler but we bought an American Standard instead. Should have bought the Kohler.

Even added a cheep mirror and a toilet paper rack

The shower is even grouted and ready to go. Ran out of time to tile the floor so we just painted on a white elastomeric coating. Left overs from another job. Some day the curtain will go and we will install double glass doors.

Check out the 2 x 2 tile stripe, Satomi's idea

and two cats in the house
So, my folks should be cosy staying up in our Timber Frame Cottage. We moved our queen bed in for them along with a chest of drawers, a couple night stands and a bed side light. New sheets too. All the electrical is now complete, the hot water is now on as is the radiant heat. Only things missing are the refridgerator and a oven, those will have to wait.

Time for a vacation. Tomorrow we leave here around 8 for the 3 hour drive to Albuquerque to shop and then pick up dad and mom.

Let the party begin.....

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