Saturday, May 12, 2012

Arizona two

Day 4 in Arizona and we are progressing right on schedule. No rain, no rain. 70 in the am and 80 during the day. Perfect weather for shorts and tee shirts except we wear collard shirts to keep the sun off our necks.

Base coat drying on the second half of the East wall
Elvis, 11 years old
Lets see, no he can't, hard to eat and can only walk about 6 feet before resting.
First base coat of sand lime over a clay lime primer. Not perfect weather for lime, too hot and dry but we will make it work

We asked for shade and a misting system on the south side, half done
Tomorrow it's back on the South side. First a coat of clay lime primer and then the base coat of lime.

Ok no more blogging, the Lakers are on.

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