Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It's called the Whitewater Baldy fire complex after the two fire combined into one.

InciWeb the Incident Information System: Whitewater Baldy Complex

This is now the largest recorded wildfire in New Mexico.

I started watching this fire when it was 10,000 acres, last Tuesday, May 22nd. Four days later after 3 days and nights of high winds the fire climbed to 82,000 acres. After that the winds shifted and our little valley was filled with smoke for two days then drifted North.

Today I noticed the fire has reached 170,272 acres. I read some where that this fire could go to 360,000 before they can begin it's reduction. Last night the smoke started to return and this morning we were in a Haze. Breathing smoke is a drag. Much worse the the winter when the neighbors burn wood to heat in old wood stoves. This is not the Northwest or California where wood smoke is regulated.

Who would want to be a fire fighter? Me! but I only do structure fires. Hands down to the gal's and guy's over in the Gila right now. I have taken the NFES S-130 and S-190 Introduction to Wild land classes so I know what they are up against.

We all pray for rain but realistically we have a month to go before the actual Monsoon season beings.

This is not the Blue Ridge Mountains

A natural sun filter.

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