Monday, June 4, 2012


Oh Boy! Another well pump house to re plumb. Another one here in Kingston for a neighbor over on North Street.

Due to an Iron Bacteria problem a Chlorination /Dechlorination system has to be installed along with a water softening system for the tank less on demand water heater. All this gear was purchased off the internet from

Going to be tight fit and a puzzle of pipes and valves.
The Chlor/Declor system requires a 40 gallon retention tank, a chlorine tank with a pulse pump and a filter media resin tank. 
Whipped out this rack in just under 2 hours. Nice to have steel inventory at my shop for little projects like this.
Yes it's level
Added a 6" steel well casing extension, a new well seal along with a new brass tee. I wonder why the last two professional plumbers that worked in this pump house did not do this.
Reworked the Tank Tee to accept Pex pipe. Still need to replace the dial gauge and drain valve.
Satomi spend most of the day digging in the hot sun.  Had to expose the house sewer drain for the two filtering system drains.
Out with the old.

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