Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More Pump House

Another long day inside this tiny pump house.  Today was 1" Pex pipe day.  Now that I'm almost done running pipes I already want to change the layout.  We will see.

All the components in place
Heart of the system is the chemical dispensing tank and pump.
Two different media tanks. Both Fleck 5600 units.
Piping behind the two media tanks.
Pipes everywhere!
This is called a Tank Tee.  Water from the pump enters the tank tee on the left through a check valve.  Mounted on the Tee is a 30/50 Pressure regulator switch, a pressure relief valve in case something goes wrong, a drain valve for a garden hose and what I call the main shut off valve.

 Pretty standard set up.  What I see a lot in these old pump houses is the previous guy used a gate valves.  I don't use gate valves, all that turning, I want the water off now!

For this job I purchased 1" Apollo full flow ball valves.  What I like about these valves is the ball is solid stainless steel rather then chrome plated brass which fails here in Kingston with our hard water.  Apollo valves cost more but they last a lot longer.

My beer with dinner tonight sure tasted good!

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