Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Pump House

So clean, disenfected and softened water is finally flowing inside and out this tiny pump house.

Built this door out of recycled garage doors and a welded steel frame a few years back.

Part of the complete water system is this 750 gallon, three tank rain water collection system I installed a couple years ago. Empty right now, where is that rain?

Looking inside the door,  it's cramped.

Here is the final install which if you follow my blog you have seen before.

This is the 40 Gallon Retention tank which stores the chlorinated water used to kill the two types of iron bacteria in the well water.

Water from the well gets a 1 PPM (Parts Per Million) dose of deluted chlorine from the PulsaFeeder on its way to the Retention tank where is is stored until water is needed from the house or garden house.

Chlorinated water flows from the Retention tank to the taller carbon filter , a Fleck 5600 to be dechlorinated before  moving on.  Here the water path splits either out to the yard spigots or to the smaller water softening filter media tank, a Fleck 5600 STX

The large tank is the pressure tank for the well, the smaller tank houses "salt" to create a brine solution for rinsing the water softening tank media during it's regeneration cycle. The common misconception is that water softening systems dump sodium into ones diet. Actuall no more than a piece of toast. The brine soution is used to flush and deionise the calcium and other particulates. The final steps of the regeneration process is to rinse with clean water to remove the sodium.

Voila' (Wa La)

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