Sunday, June 24, 2012

Two stoves

Finally our 20" stove arrived, 20 days after the internet vendor said it would. A bit miss leading -"Stainless Steel Like".  We thought about sending it back but the more we looked at the color we changed our mind.  Before using our new gas appliance I will call our gas company and have them come up and do a low pressure test.  It's the right thing to do and keeps us proper in the eyes of the propane and insurance company.

All that's left to do in the kitchen is the cabinet doors and drawers

20" Danby Designer

Our other stove is wood burning.  Haven't decided if, or where we will use it.  Now this is not one of the newer air tight models but here in Kingston there are no clean air laws.  We paid $150 for it.  I took it part, cleaned, painted and replaced all the nuts and bolts with stainless.  Not a true restoration on an antique.

We were in Las Cruce visiting our neighbor at work and happened to mention to one of the staff that were we looking for a small wood stove and he said my uncle has one he wants to sell "would you like to follow me and go look at it?".  Not that this was an impulse buy but on the other hand it was.  The uncle also had another one, smaller, which was us, but he would not let go of that one.

This would be called a Sun No. 40 from King Stove and Range Company out of Sheffield Alabama.

While at $150 this stove was inexpensive, to use it properly it will cost us a $1,000 to add a chimney system.

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