Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lots of Pipes

Finally my pump house plumbing job is coming together. Still need a few more parts. One of my suppliers sent the wrong item so those will be here in 3 days. Satomi and I need to make a trip to Las Cruces for the rest.

Today the sewer drain line was completed thanks to Satomi's help again.

Had to add a replacement 4" Combo Wye. Lucky that the last plumber didn't use much glue so the old part came off easy.

Satomi sifted and back filled the trench, good as new!. Better!

Once inside things get tight. Just enough room to add a P-trap and air vent.

Vent line tucked in the corner.

Here we see the two black poly pipe drain lines for back flushing the media tanks.  I plumbed the drain two ways, one to the sewer or by changing the valves, the drain can be diverted to a spare yard line.

Here we see the final pipe routing in the SW corner waiting for the media tanks to be set in place. A little electrical work first.

Tomorrow the 40 gallon retention tank will go in the far left corner.
That's it for now.


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