Monday, May 21, 2012

End of an Era

My Mini Sport Flyer has seen it's day.

Earlier this year I built a shipping crate and sent my mini disc mold off to a fellow disc player to see if he could re produce this vintage flyer. The 350 pound mold was returned after numerous failed results. Discs were molded but the cycle times did not reach productions levels worth pursuing and the cost to retro fit the mold could not be justified.

 So the question was what to do with it. 350 pounds of steel is unmanageable so I decided to take it apart. This way I can maybe use the steel plates for other projects.

This then is the offical end of the Mini Sport Flyer. My hope is to prolong it's memory by donating the mold cavities to one of the disc museums. Now I need to build a nice display case for the two aluminum inserts.

350 pound crate back home at my shop

Top off
Sides off
Hoist to remove from pallet
Mold halves seperated
Hot half, ejector pins side
Cold half
Mold base disassembled
Inserts removed
Hot half
Cold half
End of an Era!

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