Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another day!

These clouds looked menacing over Emory Pass but all we heard was thunder as they moved on to somewhere else.  They could use the rain too.

Today up in the Timber Frame I installed the last two window casings (frames) in the kitchen over Satomi's lime plastered walls.

After that I started working on the gas line (black pipe) for the stove propane.

The black object below the gas line is a Dandy three way valve for our kitchen sink "Gray Water"  Now in this state, kitchen water is not considered gray water but since we don't live in the city, we do, so there.....

Hot on the left, cold on the right.

Tomorrow is commuting time. 9 miles to Hillsboro, 15 miles South on Highway 27 to Lake Valley and then 1.5 mile "IN" the Berrenda Creek gravel ranch road to do some repair work on a house out there.

You know the one, the one with a swimming pool and green grass, an actual lawn. It was either grass or or gravel. Nice people!

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