Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not so busy

Today was a not so busy, busy day. Spent the morning making phone calls and emailing then drove to T or C. For those of you who don't know it's 45 miles. Closest stores. This trip was primarily to take the pick up and purchase 1200 pounds of washed plaster sand for workshops and plastering around LanderLand. A whole $13.75. $202 for groceries, $47.31 for gas and then the drive home.

While unloading the goodies the phone rang. A plumbing leak in town. Cabin owners from Florida showed up and found a broken pipe along with a cracked toilet. Damage from this bitter cold winter. An hour later I was done. Now what service is that, and to have the parts, I only charged them $50. What a deal. Did line up a toilet install and a porch re roofing job from them.

After that Satomi and I worked on the final stages of the Moffit house dumpster loading. That will be finished up tomorrow with just enough room left for a few of our bags.

Now it's off to neighbors for gaming night. Didn't really want to go but figure we had better make a appearance.

That means no Netflix's tonight.

Chaco being a rock hound and not to busy

Clouds weren't too busy today either except for this one

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