Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shower Start

Another Timber Frame project that has been waiting for ten years is tiling the shower. Seems like this is the summer where it is all coming together. Tomorrow we grout the kitchen counters so really, the shower is the last big task left to complete. Today is the third day I have been working on the shower but the first day that tile has started.

I began the project by mixing up white thin set and floating out the walls square. Seems my framing and Durarock cement backer boards were not perfect enough. Next step was to begin installing the Stainless Steel Bull nose tile edging we had special ordered from Home Depot. check out

Once the door way perimeter edging was set tile work began. First was the curb face baseboard. This was cut from left over 12x12 floor tile. Then the curb top had a base coat of thin set sloped inward at 1/4" per foot. Once set up the top of the curb quarry tile was installed. My day was done.

At days end

Tape and spacers hold it all together for the night

Looks to be all lined up

Close up of the Stainless Steel edging

Home made 45 degree saw jig

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