Monday, March 26, 2012


So if you had a choice would you prefer a puncture wound from a dog bite or a smashed nail from a log?

How about both, one on each hand. On the other hand how about some plain old rotting skin.

Healing up nicely.
Fine now but we all know what's to come, or should I say come off. 
Speaking of coming off. Tender for sure. Hard to explain this one. Have had it on this hand a couple times but never the right hand.
 Enough of my hands, now lets move on to more exciting projects

 Today I will dry tamp one more layer of  Topping mix, wait 28 days and then tile.
Here is a tile tub surround I did for a neighbor.
A bathroom remodel and another site built shower. Yep thats me.
Waiting on the shower rod.
This was a tricky tile pattern.

So, time to get outside and get to work!

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