Saturday, March 24, 2012


So if you are following with my my train of thought, today was my day off. I do not know how to sit still. Especially when there is always so much to do. So on my day off I decided to clean up my shop, again. Shop cleaning and organizing is an ongoing process, it just depends on the level of messiness. The worst messes are after wrapping up a remodel job and all my tools come back home. Like today.

A nice feature at my shop is the concrete floors and all my major tools and toys are on wheels. With everything out I can concentrate on clearing off all the work benches and returning "stuff" back in place.

Start off with the Otis Golf Cart and my 1990 Harley
Front end tool boxes
Just waiting to go
Four saws and a welder
Two saws, one wood and one metal
Small Miller Wire Feed Welder
Table saw and a chop saw, the basics along with portable air

My next blog will show you the inside.

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