Saturday, March 24, 2012


How could we not go for a ride today. Tee shirt weather and I told myself it was going to be a day off, working for others anyway.

It always amazing me how my Harley just sits in the garage under blankets for 10 months with just the Battery Tender plugged in and it fires right up. A little dusting, a few pounds of air in the tires, a simple safety check and good to go.

Which we did, 9 miles up scenic HWY 152 to the Emory Pass Vista. On the way back down only one goof in a pickup crossed over the center line in front of us to park on our side of the road. I didn't flip him off but I did raise my arm in a questioning gesture.  Two miles down we saw a fresh empty Bud Light case on the side of the road that wasn't there on the ride up. I have a word for these type of people.......

My favorite Biker Babe

Always a looker. 1990 FSXTC
I've promised myself I will ride more often this year.

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